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The Front – re-released!

Hey everyone – great news! Sony/Columbia has re-released The Front and it is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, and more. A big Thank You to everyone that sent in requests and kept the music alive! The Front Live in New York City 1990 is still available as well; time to rock!

        The Front

An Update

Hey everybody – my best man and friend Murphy Occhino, who happens to be a world class drummer and played with me on the Michael Moon record, are looking forward to cutting some new tracks very soon. As well, we are talking about gigging too, so please keep in touch for dates and new music.


New Show

Much fun last night, my first show in 11 years! It was amazing to be amongst friends, family and patrons and to hear my songs through a PA. Looking forward to many more to come.

The Front releases Live In New York City 1990


Hello Friends,

I am happy to announce the release of The Front Live New York City 1990. I was recently digging through some DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recordings I had in storage, amongst some great unreleased tracks (soon to be released) recorded both prior to and after the recording of The Front record, I found a stereo board mix (not a multi-tracked recording) of three shows from the Alice Cooper tour in ‘90.

To my surprise and delight the recordings had actually held up better than I had hoped (DAT tapes were notorious for developing “drop outs” after a few years), and sounded really good; and being that The Front never released anything live in the past, I decided to master the recordings and make the CD and downloads available. We have a new official site for The Front and you can purchase downloads and CDs directly or through iTunes and internet retailers.

Although there were three concerts to choose from (many “live” albums you hear are actually multiple shows and they choose the best version of each song from the recordings and often contain overdubbed backing vocals, and cleaned up parts, etc.) we decided we would release the New York City concert recording as is, no overdubs; as it was, when it was, dirt and all. The recording showcases the band at the top of our game; hungry and electric, pure rock and roll.

I am currently working on brand new material as a solo artist and have a new official website the music is a sonic departure from the heavier sounds of The Front and Bakers Pink, but the mood and lyrics lets you know it’s still me. The new releases will be available on iTunes and internet retailers and my official site so please take a minute and check it out.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, I hope you like everything, stay close.



My Friends,

I am thrilled to finally have the new site up and live. I hope to hear from you all and I look forward to posting new music as it happens. I want to make this site an evolving work of new music, news, dates and images. As opposed to releasing a complete CD/album, I am going to post songs as they happen to keep it fresh.

Thanks for taking the ride with me; I’ll be in touch.



Hello friends…

Sure, it’s been awhile, but what’s a little time between lovers? Thanks for the years, the thoughts and the beers, you have never left my mind. All of the past exists for you to see just follow the link to history, but I’ve got my eyes on the road ahead.

A few new tunes will make their way shortly; different for sure, but the devil is still smiling and humming along; you know, I’ve never had an angel on my shoulder. It’s just me and my guitar; no band, just a good right hand.

Don’t be too far away;